What to Buy?

We believe that what matters most is owning tangible precious metals regardless of the look or rarity of a particular coin or bar. The difference between precious metals is based on a few simple variables to enable you to buy what makes sense for you and your needs. Following are some variables you can choose from to help you select what you want to buy:

  • Type of Metals: Select which metals you wish to buy (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium)
  • Size: Select the sizes you prefer example, 1/10 oz gold coins, 1 gram bars, etc... There are Large assets (rounds, bars, and coins) 1 ounce or larger. Then there are small assets which are smaller than one ounce or fractions of an ounce
  • Purity: Select the Purity we look for. Among precious metals assets, there are higher purity up to 99.99% and others that are 90% or a little under 92% purity
  • Source: There are government minted which are legal tender assets, these come from different governments and also there are privately minted rounds and bars

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