State and Local Tax

Many States, municipalities, cities, counties, etc... charge sales tax. Tax rates can change at anytime. Great American Bullion uses a tax service provider that automates this process. The following States Charge Taxes on both Bullion and Numismatic Precious Metals Sales: Arkansas: 6.5%, Hawaii: 4%, Kentucky: 6%, Maine: 5.5%, Minnesota: 6.875%, Mississippi: 7%, Nevada: 6.85%, New Jersey: 6.625%, New Mexico: 5.125%, Tennessee: 7%, and Vermont: 6%. The following States Charge Taxes only on Numismatic Precious Metals Sales: New York: 4%, Oklahoma: 4.5%, West Virgina: 6%.


NOTE: Great American Bullion ("GAB") is not a tax advisor, the above information has not been verified by GAB for accuracy or completeness. The above list is not a fully comprehensive list, some other States or local governments may also charge sales tax. Any taxes will be indicated in your shopping cart at checkout. 

Sales Tax Questions?