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Third Party Cookies

Similar to numerous corporations, we permit specific third-party advertising partners to deploy tracking technologies, such as cookies and pixels, on our websites. These technologies enable said advertising partners to collect data regarding your interactions on our website, subsequently linking it to your browser, device, or online identifier. These entities may utilize this gathered information to deliver tailored advertisements based on your interests while you navigate the internet. 

Right to Opt Out

According to California privacy law, you retain the right to decline the sharing of data for personalized online advertising. You can exercise this right by opting out of advertising cookies through our cookie preference tool, accessible here. Should you opt-out, advertisements will still be displayed; however, they will not be personalized based on your online activities. Please be aware that if you disable your cookies or update your browser subsequent to opting out, you will need to reinitiate the opt-out process. Moreover, if you utilize multiple browsers or devices, it is necessary to perform this opt-out action on each individual browser or device.

Additionally, in compliance with California regulations, upon detecting a Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal from a user's browser within the state, we cease the sharing of the user's personal information online with other companies (except our service providers). To obtain further information about GPC and instructions on enabling it in your browser, please visit the Global Privacy Control website.

Furthermore, there exists a general opt-out provision for receiving targeted advertisements from third-party advertisers and ad networks who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). This can be accomplished by visiting You may also opt-out of receiving targeted advertisements from other companies involved in interest-based advertising services, including some we collaborate with, through the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) website at

Privacy Policy

For further details on how we use your data, please review our Privacy Policy