Sell Your Metals

Sell Your Metals*

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You can sell your gold and silver directly with Great American Bullion in a few secure and easy steps:

  1. Prepare an inventory of the gold and silver coins you have
  2. Call us at 424 279 4608, email us at and provide us with the inventory.
  3. We will then make you an offer.
  4. If you accept the offer, we provide you with shipping instructions to be followed.
  5. Upon receipt, inspection, and approval of your metals, the liquidation will be finalized
  6. Payment will be issued upon finalization of the liquidation.

Liquidation FAQ

  • Can I sell from my IRA?
  • Do you have a minimum Sell-To-Us amount?
    • $2,000
  • Do you buy all types of coins and bullion?
    • We buy coins and bars that we are able to liquidate.
  • How do I ship my Liquidation order to you?
    • An email from our liquidation team will be sent to you upon liquidation with detailed instructions to help you throughout the process
  • How much is my coin/bar worth?
    • There are multiple variables that affect pricing, including but not limited to type, size, purity, origins, and condition. For a better idea of what we purchase, the prices we pay, and the ability to liquidate with us, please contact us
  • How quickly are items verified once they’re received?
    • Fairly quickly, within one to 3 business days from the day the package is received.
  • How quickly do you pay?
    • As soon as 1 to 3 business days from finalizing a liquidation, but sometimes it may take up to 15 business days.
  • How will you pay out my Liquidation order?
    • Via bank wire, or paper check. Bank wires incur a $25 fee, and paper checks incur a $30 fee. These amounts would be deducted from the final total of your Liquidation.
  • If I sell to you, is it reported to the government?
    • Certain products in certain quantities would be considered a reportable transaction. The list of items and quantities may be viewed here
  • What if I decide not to send in my items after locking in a price? Are there penalties or fees for that?
    • Yes, once a liquidation is locked in and you have received a Liquidation Order Number, those prices are guaranteed. If the market has moved against you at the time you want to cancel, market loss fees would then be charged to the credit card taken when the Liquidation order was placed.
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Sell Your Metals*